Project Publications

16 March 2014

As the NEOShield project progresses, publications and documents will be available here. Please continue to visit this page for the latest information.

NEOShield Project Summary
This project summary is part of the EC Publication Eye on Space: Space Research projects under the 7th Framework Programme for Research (4th call), which can be accessed here.  It contains a similar summary on all the projects co-financed by the European Commission under the 4th call of the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) for Space Research.
⇒ Download the PDF of the NEOShield Project Summary here.

DLR Magazine
[Issue: 136/137 - Making Science Fun - 9 April 2013]
"Asteroid Defence: When things get too close for comfort" by Alan Harris
Professor Alan Harris of NEOShield Project coordinator DLR (Institute of Planetary Research), discusses the international defence against asteroids. When things get too close for comfort recognises the probability of Earth endangering objects, the criticalness of warning time and the global importance of asteroid defence. Visit here, to read the current issue of DLR Magazine.
⇒ Download the PDF of the article here.

Links to NEOShield Press and Media articles
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